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Public Records

Public RecordsGet a Background Check offers access to public records of anyone in the United States. We update our database daily with the latest, most up to date and comprehensive public information gathered from millions of databases. A report from these sources is compiled into a clean easy to read public record report for you instantly. Our public record online service will save you time and the pain staking task of performing the queries yourself. Give our service a try. It is free and guaranteed. No credit card is required.

Public Records Report includes 30 year resident history, criminal history, relatives, friends, associates, neighbors, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies home value, property ownership, sex offender, and current address.

For more Public Records resources please have a look at our valuable resource section below. The articles and other information provide insight into making your search quick and painless.

What is a Criminal Background Report?

A Criminal Background Report contains information collected from public records and publicly available data. The report is designed as a service to assist you in locating or verifying an individual’s background information. The data within the report is compiled from thousands of different sources that include government, property, and other public record repositories. The Intelius service organizes and integrates information together as a convenient service for you.

It is important to understand that public records are only as accurate as the agencies that input them. Please be sure to closely review the public information listed about the individual that you may be researching in the report.