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Background Checks That Work

About to graduate from Harvard, on the eve of his graduation and now accused of steering their way into the Ivy League universities with false documents and false identification information and to deceive the school $ 45,000 scholarships. Adam B. Wheeler, 23, now faces criminal charges. He was arrested after the application of a highly competitive Fulbright and Rhodes, he plagiarized material from the Harvard professor, authorities said.

Wheeler was indicted Monday on charges of theft and identify fraud after allegedly faking of high school transcripts and letters of recommendation for forging his application for admission as transfer students at Harvard in 2007. Wheeler, Milton, Delaware, claimed to have graduated from the elite direct Philips Academy in Andover, Mass., earned a perfect 1600 on his SATS and go to register at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The researchers said they learned that Wheeler Actually graduated Caesar Rodney High School, a public school in Kent County, Delaware, Maine and was a student of Bowdoin College for two years until 2007, when he said Bowdoin outstanding academic dishonesty according to the Boston Globe. His letters of recommendation MIT was actually signed Bowdoin professors, and the College Board revealed that Wheeler SAT score is 1160 and 1220, researchers said.

Once at Harvard, Wheeler would have cheated at the university over $ 45,000 in grants, scholarships and financial aid money, Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. said it was awarded “based on lies and reproductions of others’ work hard.”” This defendant is severely compromised the integrity of the competitive admissions process situation compromised the reputation of some of the best teachers and educational institutions in the country and those who participated cheated honestly what he fraudulently received,”Leone said in a statement.

Wheeler was dismissed from Harvard in October after an internal investigation and a disciplinary hearing he refused to participate. After two years of the formation of raised eyebrows with his application for Wheeler Rhodes, Fulbright Scholarship, which he said he got perfect grades throughout his academic career, and sent a detailed resume many books he has co-written and the courses he had learned under the investigators. “During the review process of applications, a Harvard professor read the defendant and was alarmed by the similarities between the work of the defendant and that another teacher,” statement said Leone. “When the Harvard professor likened the two plants, it is clear that the defendant would have plagiarized much of the room. ”

Leo Wheeler said the network is extended to January, when he asked for an internship at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, saying he was on leave when the spring semester at Harvard to work in “two scientific books.” Wheeler was dismissed after training in a hospital background check, he found wrong in its application, the authorities said. Wheeler is also suspected of submitting applications for transfer to Yale and Brown universities, arguing internship McLean. Wheeler was held by Cambridge police pending his challenge at Middlesex Superior Court at Woburn, Mass. He is charged with four counts of theft over $ 250, eight drops of identity theft, seven counts of falsifying an entry or approval, and pretending to hold examinations. did not have a phone number listed on Milton Wheeler, Leo office did not know if he had a lawyer.

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