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US Military Background Checks

Valuable Military Background Check Resources

Military Background ChecksA military background check is the same as other background checks, it looks into a individual’s past to confirm who they are and what they have claim to been doing. Obtaining a military background check you will determine whether or not someone was in the military, if they are currently enlisted and/or if they have been discharged, either honorably or dishonorably.

Military service records are considered public information in the U.S. However, the Department of Defense now requires that you submit a signed written request to access military personnel records. Occasionally, if you meet resistance or foot-dragging, you may need to make a formal Freedom of Information (FOI) request or perhaps to speak to the FOI officer at the base where the individual is stationed.

United States Military Background Check Resources

If your goal is not to access personnel records but simply to verify that someone is or has been a member of the armed services, or to locate someone in the military, your task is easier. One source of this type of basic information on active duty personnel is For vets, visit the site of the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.

You should also be aware that each branch of the service has a military locator service in the Pentagon in Arlington VA. A little-known source is county courthouse records, specifically the miscellaneous personal records, or “MPR’s.” Ask the courthouse clerk to assist you in finding military discharge forms, or DD-214′s. These provide the complete military history of veterans, but are available today only for older veterans (those who served before 1980).

Other web sites which can prove useful in researching veterans and active soldiers:

US Department of Defense

The US Army

The US Air Force

The US Navy

The US Marine Corps

The US Coast Guard

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  1. Daniel Hofegartner
    Posted February 6, 2013 at 2:13 am | Permalink

    I was trying to see if my military offense is still active and if it will be appear on a security company’s background check.

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