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Background Checks

Background ChecksGet a Background Check offers the best background checks online

We have the most up to date, comprehensive background checks online. Get a background check on anyone in the United States instantly. Our data is gathered from millions of public and private databases and assembled into an accurate, concise, and easy to read report for you in just seconds. If your conducted background check report does not return results you will NOT be charged. You may search Get a Background Check by name, get a Background Check by address, get a Background Check by phone, get a Background Check by social security number or even get a Background Check by state.

What is a Background Report?

A Background Report contains information collected from public records and publicly available data. The report is designed as a service to assist you in locating or verifying an individual’s background information. The data within the report is compiled from thousands of different sources that include government, property, and other public record repositories. The Get a Background Check service organizes and integrates information together as a convenient service for you.

Background Checks includes:

  • Personal Public Records Data
    • What is Personal Public Records Data? — Personal public records data refers to information such as aliases, birth dates, age and other data found to be connected to your search person in the public record. This information can further help you by identifying alternate and/or maiden names, age variations, and any other information that may be associated with your search person.
  • Address History
    • What is an Address History? — This report section lists historical addresses associated with an individual from public records. An Address History can assist in flagging address exceptions that may exist in public records. The addresses and phone numbers are not listed in date order and should be individually reviewed.
  • Property History
    • What is a Property History Summary? — This section lists summary, neighbors, relatives and area data associated with the property when available. The Relatives and Associates section lists potential relatives or previous occupants associated with an individual and / or their address from public records. The Neighbors Around the Property section lists the immediate neighbors around the property. These sections can help confirm the people linked to your subject and provide additional people that may have current or forwarding information on the whereabouts of your subject.
  • State Criminal Check
    • What is a Single State Criminal Check? — This section lists criminal records from county courts, department of corrections, administration of the courts, and other legal agencies for the selected state. The types of offenses include felonies, misdemeanors, sexual offenses, and more. Please closely review each record as subjects with a common name may return multiple criminal record results.
  • Civil Judgement Report
    • What are Tax Lien, Bankruptcy, & Judgments? — This section lists civil records from county courts for the selected address. The types of records include property tax liens, general tax liens, bankruptcies, small claims, judgments, and more associated with the selected address. Please closely review each record as common addresses may return multiple civil record results.
  • Current & Historical People Search Report
    • What is a People Search Report? — This section lists current and historical people search records that share the same name and state as your search subject. The People Search Summary can be helpful in providing a consolidated view of matching current and historical records for your subjects name across multiple public sources. Income & Home Value are compiled from property, demographic, census, & other public record sources. Income & Home Value may contain specific household and area statistics associated with an individual or address.
  • Marriage & Divorce Record Results
    • What is a Marriage and Divorce Records? — This section lists marriage and divorce records that share the same name and state as your search subject. The marriage and divorce report can be helpful in providing historical information for your search subject. Results may include groom’s name and age, bride’s name and age, location, date and file number.
  • Death Record Results

If you are looking for more background check sources please check out our valuable resource section below. We strive to provide articles and other information to make your search quick and painless.