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Background Checks

Backgroud Checks

Access the best and most comprehensive background checks online. This Background Check tool is the quickest way to access all public records of an individual or business in the United States. You'll have access to an instant, detailed and concise online Background...Background Checks

Public Records

Public Records

If you are searching for Public Record Information try our free service and find the public record information you are looking for on anyone in the United State. Results are delivered instantly in a clean easy to read online report. Our Public Record data is pulled from over 2...Public Records

People Search

People Search

Search to find contact information free on any person in the US instantly with Get a Background Checks People Search Service. Your request will return a clean, detailed report generated within seconds. Our data is pulled from over 2 billion resources and is updated daily so...People Search

Cell Phone Directory

Cell Phone Directory

Find any cell number in the United States and to put a name to a phone number in seconds. Get a Background Check offers cell phone lookup and reverse cell phone lookup reports gathered from over 2 billion resources that are updated daily. Data is compiled into a clean and...Cell Phone Directory


For those of you that are DIY (Do It Yourself) types here are some helpful how to guides.

How to Conduct A Background Check For Free

How to Conduct A Background Check For Free A summary of how to perform a background check for no money Did you know you can find out just about anything about anyone - online! With Get a Bac Read More...

How To Screen A Tenant

5 steps to screen a tenant STEP 1: First Contact From the very first contact with the tenant, the screening process has begun. Whether you are t Read More...


US Military Background Checks

US Military Background Checks Valuable Military Background Check Resources A military background check is the same as other background checks, it looks into a individual’s past Read More...

Background Check History

The History of Public Records and Background Checks The U.S. government and it's various branches has maintained and maintains records of the populat Read More...

A Background Check Provides Protection

Be certain of who you trust. A background check gives extra protection from false applications to openings or positions which require special charact Read More...

The Absolutely Free Background Check

Does the Absolutely Free Background Check Exist? I don’t like to be the barer of bad news but absolutely free background checks only exist if you a Read More...


Background Checks That Work

About to graduate from Harvard, on the eve of his graduation and now accused of steering their way into the Ivy League universities with false documen Read More...